The Gianni's

The Gianni Family is one of four regional families headed by the Carollo Family.  Anthony Gianni gained control of Gravesend Bay's north side in 1930 after the murder of Joseph Maranzano, who he served as Underboss.  Joseph Maranzano was found shot to death by an unknown assassin and it was rumored that his death came under the order of Armand Morella who struggled to gain control of the liquor flow during the Prohibition.  Anthony Gianni, who was involved in waterfront racketeering, quickly gained a tight hold on the community, thwarting Morella's plans of expanding his control.  Anthony Gianni sired five sons who were known for their ruthlessness and branched out their business to involve illegal gambling, prostitution, blackmailing, loan sharking, money laundering, fraud and contract killing.  Their strong grip was eventually loosened due to internal bickering and land and power was split between the five after their father's disappearance.

 With the power struggle shaking the foundations, the Gianni's were infiltrated by betrayal and soon the community was split by the family's feuding.  In the end the youngest Gianni,  was the last man standing among the five and he was left with the task of regaining control of what was left of their neighborhood.  Large portions of land, countless businesses and strong loyalties had been claimed during the warring by the eldest of the two Morella brothers (name unknown).  Gianni continued the family business of illegal gambling, prostitution, fraud and contract killing while struggling to regain what once was Gianni strength.  Left with a dilapidated neighborhood, the Gianni Family feels the pressure for the Morella's to the south and is at the point where they're willing to do whatever it takes to not only keep what they have but to reclaim what the considered theirs.

The Morella's

The Morella Family is one of four regional families headed by the Carollo Family.  Armand Morella served as his father's Underboss until his father fell ill and died of a heart attack.  Armand's first act as Boss was to order the assassination of Joseph Maranzano in order to gain control of the southern region, but he hadn't anticipated the ambitions of Anthony Gianni and was quickly put in his place after a bloody retaliation that left the Morella Family licking their wounds for years.  It wasn't until the disappearance of Anthony Gianni that Armand Morella saw his chance.  With the Gianni's battling each other, Armand played his hand, managing to gain the trust of two of the Gianni sons.  The Gianni's were tough and fearless but a little light on wit and Morella took advantage of it and in the end managed to obtain land rights, loyalties and the backing of powerful acquaintances, which included politicians and land developers.  With the death of Armand, which is rumored to have been murder, the only Morella son (name unknown), gained control of the family.  Morella quickly took advantage of the land holdings and began selling off land that was once the Gianni's.  The Morella's gain power, prestige and wealth quickly and continue to use their political connections to push the Gianni's further north.  If they prevail, they plan on finally gaining control of the region and wiping the Gianni's off the map.