The Drifters 

The Drifters are the group of misfits, meaning doesn't fit in to a family. This group is mostly composed of bikers, drug dealers, addicts, and homeless people. The drifter are lead by nether family, they answer to a faceless figure. He's known to most simply as the Kingpin. 

Our base of operations is located at Lady Luck Liquors bar. This bar is owned by the cities Drug Lord, Aiden Buscaylet. This is the main hub for drug transport in the city, the upper level of the bar is the Kingpin's storage area and office.

Ava's Angels

Ava's Angels are a group of street hookers run and owned by Madame Ava. Their base of operation is located at "Violet's". The Club owned by the Gianni family. They also have 2 permanently rented rooms at the nearby motel where they go to "conduct their business".